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Edwards SL et al

ViewRank: 1201
Nature 2008 Feb 28;451(7182):1111-5      
Resistance to therapy caused by intragenic deletion in BRCA2.


Valle L et al

ViewRank: 1202
Science 2008 Sep 5;321(5894):1361-5      
Germline allele-specific expression of TGFBR1 confers an increased risk of colorectal cancer.


Avissar NE et al

ViewRank: 1203
J Gastrointest Surg 2009 Feb;13(2):212-22      
Bile acid alone, or in combination with acid, induces CDX2 expression through activation of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR).


Oliveira DR et al

ViewRank: 1204
Brain Res 2009 May 7;1269:68-89      
Neuromodulatory property of standardized extract Ginkgo biloba L. (EGb 761) on memory: behavioral and molecular evidence.


Namdar M et al

ViewRank: 1205
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2010 Nov 16;107(46):20003-2000      
Selective inhibition of histone deacetylase 6 (HDAC6) induces DNA damage and sensitizes transformed cells to anticancer agents.


Latimer JJ et al

ViewRank: 1206
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2010 Nov 30;      
Nucleotide excision repair deficiency is intrinsic in sporadic stage I breast cancer.


Whitehouse CM et al

ViewRank: 1207
Anal Chem 1985 Mar;57(3):675-9      
Electrospray interface for liquid chromatographs and mass spectrometers.


Gooi HC et al

ViewRank: 1208
Nature 1981 Jul 9;292(5819):156-8      
Stage-specific embryonic antigen involves alpha 1 goes to 3 fucosylated type 2 blood group chains.


Polyak K et al

ViewRank: 1209
Genes Dev 1994 Jan;8(1):9-22      
p27Kip1, a cyclin-Cdk inhibitor, links transforming growth factor-beta and contact inhibition to cell cycle arrest.


Miller CT et al

ViewRank: 1210
Clin Cancer Res 2003 Oct 15;9(13):4819-25      
Gene amplification in esophageal adenocarcinomas and Barrett's with high-grade dysplasia.


Vona-Davis L et al

ViewRank: 1211
J Gastrointest Surg 2004 Dec;8(8):1018-23      
Proteomic analysis of SEG-1 human Barrett's-associated esophageal adenocarcinoma cells treated with keyhole limpet hemocyanin.


Sowell J et al

ViewRank: 1212
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2004 Dec 28;101(52):17964-9      
Vitamin C conjugates of genotoxic lipid peroxidation products: structural characterization and detection in human plasma.


Spadaccini R et al

ViewRank: 1213
J Mol Biol 2006 Apr 28;358(2):498-508      
Structure and functional analysis of the MYND domain.


Raju U et al

ViewRank: 1214
Radiother Oncol 2006 Aug;80(2):185-91      
Improvement of esophageal adenocarcinoma cell and xenograft responses to radiation by targeting cyclin-dependent kinases.


Bulanova E et al

ViewRank: 1215
J Biol Chem 2007 May 4;282(18):13167-79      
Soluble Interleukin IL-15Ralpha is generated by alternative splicing or proteolytic cleavage and forms functional complexes with IL-15.


Behera BC et al

ViewRank: 1216
Phytother Res 2007 Dec;21(12):1159-70      
Tissue culture of some lichens and screening of their antioxidant, antityrosinase and antibacterial properties.


Jin Z et al

ViewRank: 1217
Clin Cancer Res 2007 Nov 1;13(21):6293-300      
Hypermethylation of tachykinin-1 is a potential biomarker in human esophageal cancer.


Zhang XH et al

ViewRank: 1218
Cancer Cell 2009 Jul 7;16(1):67-78      
Latent bone metastasis in breast cancer tied to Src-dependent survival signals.


Scher HI et al

ViewRank: 1219
Lancet 2010 Apr 24;375(9724):1437-46      
Antitumour activity of MDV3100 in castration-resistant prostate cancer: a phase 1-2 study.


Sebastiani P et al

ViewRank: 1220
Science 2010 Nov 11;      
Genetic Signatures of Exceptional Longevity in Humans.


Uckun FM et al

ViewRank: 1221
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2010 Sep 28;107(39):16852-7      
CD22 EXON 12 deletion as a pathogenic mechanism of human B-precursor leukemia.


Aggarwal M et al

ViewRank: 1222
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2011 Jan 25;108(4):1525-30      
Inhibition of helicase activity by a small molecule impairs Werner syndrome helicase (WRN) function in the cellular response to DNA damage or replication stress.


Wang Q et al

ViewRank: 1223
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2011 Feb 8;108(6):2444-9      
Mutant proteins as cancer-specific biomarkers.


Goldstein JL et al

ViewRank: 1224
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 1979 Jan;76(1):333-7      
Binding site on macrophages that mediates uptake and degradation of acetylated low density lipoprotein, producing massive cholesterol deposition.


Al-Balool HH et al

ViewRank: 1225
Genome Res 2011 Sep 23;      
Post-transcriptional exon shuffling events in humans can be evolutionarily conserved and abundant.


Rudman D et al

ViewRank: 1226
N Engl J Med 1990 Jul 5;323(1):1-6      
Effects of human growth hormone in men over 60 years old.


Evan GI et al

ViewRank: 1227
Mol Cell Biol 1985 Dec;5(12):3610-6      
Isolation of monoclonal antibodies specific for human c-myc proto-oncogene product.


Savage CR Jr and Cohen S

ViewRank: 1228
J Biol Chem 1972 Dec 10;247(23):7609-11      
Epidermal growth factor and a new derivative. Rapid isolation procedures and biological and chemical characterization.


Furchgott RF and Zawadzki JV

ViewRank: 1229
Nature 1980 Nov 27;288(5789):373-6      
The obligatory role of endothelial cells in the relaxation of arterial smooth muscle by acetylcholine.


Schenk D et al

ViewRank: 1230
Nature 1999 Jul 8;400(6740):173-7      
Immunization with amyloid-beta attenuates Alzheimer-disease-like pathology in the PDAPP mouse.


Alizadeh AA et al

ViewRank: 1231
Nature 2000 Feb 3;403(6769):503-11      
Distinct types of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma identified by gene expression profiling.


Yoneda O et al

ViewRank: 1232
J Immunol 2000 Apr 15;164(8):4055-62      
Fractalkine-mediated endothelial cell injury by NK cells.


Wilson JE et al

ViewRank: 1233
Mol Cell Biol 2000 Jul;20(14):4990-9      
Naturally occurring dicistronic cricket paralysis virus RNA is regulated by two internal ribosome entry sites.


Salloum RM et al

ViewRank: 1234
Cancer Res 2000 Dec 15;60(24):6958-63      
NM-3, an isocoumarin, increases the antitumor effects of radiotherapy without toxicity.


Berrey MM et al

ViewRank: 1235
J Infect Dis 2001 May 15;183(10):1466-75      
Treatment of primary human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection with potent antiretroviral therapy reduces frequency of rapid progression to AIDS.


Horii A et al

ViewRank: 1236
Cancer Res 1992 Dec 1;52(23):6696-8      
Frequent somatic mutations of the APC gene in human pancreatic cancer.


Turner N et al

ViewRank: 1237
Nat Rev Cancer 2004 Oct;4(10):814-9      
Hallmarks of 'BRCAness' in sporadic cancers.


Drasch G et al

ViewRank: 1238
Biol Trace Elem Res 2005 Feb;103(2):103-7      
Selenium/cadmium ratios in human prostates: indicators of prostate cancer risk of smokers and nonsmokers, and relevance to the cancer protective effects of selenium.


Wu Y et al

ViewRank: 1239
Mol Cancer Ther 2006 Feb;5(2):246-52      
Delineating the mechanism by which selenium deactivates Akt in prostate cancer cells.


Yang DQ et al

ViewRank: 1240
Oncogene 2006 Aug 3;25(33):4613-9      
The identification of an internal ribosomal entry site in the 5'-untranslated region of p53 mRNA provides a novel mechanism for the regulation of its translation following DNA damage.


Wang B et al

ViewRank: 1241
Mol Cell 2006 May 19;22(4):553-60      
Recapitulation of short RNA-directed translational gene silencing in vitro.


Yin S et al

ViewRank: 1242
Int J Cancer 2007 Apr 1;120(7):1444-50      
CD133 positive hepatocellular carcinoma cells possess high capacity for tumorigenicity.


Wilker EW et al

ViewRank: 1243
Nature 2007 Mar 15;446(7133):329-32      
14-3-3sigma controls mitotic translation to facilitate cytokinesis.


Chao KS

ViewRank: 1244
Semin Oncol 2007 Apr;34(2 Suppl 1):S31-6      
3'-deoxy-3'-(18)F-fluorothymidine (FLT) positron emission tomography for early prediction of response to chemoradiotherapy--a clinical application model of esophageal cancer.


Dhingra R et al

ViewRank: 1245
Circulation 2007 Jul 31;116(5):480-8      
Soft drink consumption and risk of developing cardiometabolic risk factors and the metabolic syndrome in middle-aged adults in the community.


Song D et al

ViewRank: 1246
Mol Cancer Ther 2008 Oct;7(10):3275-84      
Antitumor activity and molecular effects of the novel heat shock protein 90 inhibitor, IPI-504, in pancreatic cancer.


Hashiro S et al

ViewRank: 1247
J Am Chem Soc 2009 Sep 2;      
Rapid and Efficient Induction of an Endogenous Cell Signaling Event by Subcellular Targeting of a Synthetic Ligand.


Letessier A et al

ViewRank: 1248
Nature 2011 Feb 3;470(7332):120-3      
Cell-type-specific replication initiation programs set fragility of the FRA3B fragile site.


Baldwin TJ and Burden SJ

ViewRank: 1249
Nature 1989 Oct 26;341(6244):716-20      
Muscle-specific gene expression controlled by a regulatory element lacking a MyoD1-binding site.


Ignarro LJ et al

ViewRank: 1250
J Pharmacol Exp Ther 1981 Sep;218(3):739-49      
Mechanism of vascular smooth muscle relaxation by organic nitrates, nitrites, nitroprusside and nitric oxide: evidence for the involvement of S-nitrosothiols as active intermediates.


Rosen DR et al

ViewRank: 1251
Nature 1993 Mar 4;362(6415):59-62      
Mutations in Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase gene are associated with familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.


MacNeill C et al

ViewRank: 1252
Dev Biol 2000 Jan 1;217(1):62-76      
Modular regulation of cGATA-5 gene expression in the developing heart and gut.


Stebbins-Boaz B et al

ViewRank: 1253
Mol Cell 1999 Dec;4(6):1017-27      
Maskin is a CPEB-associated factor that transiently interacts with elF-4E.


Le Page F et al

ViewRank: 1254
Cell 2000 Apr 14;101(2):159-71      
Transcription-coupled repair of 8-oxoguanine: requirement for XPG, TFIIH, and CSB and implications for Cockayne syndrome.


Bhattacharjee A et al

ViewRank: 1255
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2001 Nov 20;98(24):13790-5      
Classification of human lung carcinomas by mRNA expression profiling reveals distinct adenocarcinoma subclasses.


Fackenthal JD et al

ViewRank: 1256
Am J Hum Genet 2002 Sep;71(3):625-31      
BRCA2 T2722R is a deleterious allele that causes exon skipping.


Maeda M et al

ViewRank: 1257
J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 2002 Oct;22(10):1205-11      
A combined treatment with tacrolimus (FK506) and recombinant tissue plasminogen activator for thrombotic focal cerebral ischemia in rats: increased neuroprotective efficacy and extended therapeutic time window.


Basu S et al

ViewRank: 1258
Mol Cell 2003 Jan;11(1):11-23      
Akt phosphorylates the Yes-associated protein, YAP, to induce interaction with 14-3-3 and attenuation of p73-mediated apoptosis.


Souza RF et al

ViewRank: 1259
Am J Physiol Gastrointest 2004 Oct;287(4):G743-8      
Acid increases proliferation via ERK and p38 MAPK-mediated increases in cyclooxygenase-2 in Barrett's adenocarcinoma cells.


Torquati A et al

ViewRank: 1260
Surgery 2004 Aug;136(2):310-6      
RUNX3 inhibits cell proliferation and induces apoptosis by reinstating transforming growth factor beta responsiveness in esophageal adenocarcinoma cells.


Bischoff JR et al

ViewRank: 1261
Mol Cell Biol 1992 Apr;12(4):1405-11      
Human p53 inhibits growth in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.


Venables JP

ViewRank: 1262
Cancer Res 2004 Nov 1;64(21):7647-54      
Aberrant and alternative splicing in cancer.


Kawai S et al

ViewRank: 1263
Oncol Rep 2006 Feb;15(2):361-7      
Antitumor activity of humanized monoclonal antibody against HM1.24 antigen in human myeloma xenograft models.


Brown DL et al

ViewRank: 1264
Cell Transplant 2006;15(4):319-24      
Survival and function of transplanted islet cells on an in vivo, vascularized tissue engineering platform in the rat: A pilot study.


Thermann R and Hentze MW

ViewRank: 1265
Nature 2007 Jun 14;447(7146):875-8      
Drosophila miR2 induces pseudo-polysomes and inhibits translation initiation.


Lee S et al

ViewRank: 1266
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2007 Aug 21;104(34):13732-7      
Forerunner genes contiguous to RB1 contribute to the development of in situ neoplasia.


Loeb L

ViewRank: 1267
Science 1911 Sep 29;34(874):414-415      


Vasudevan S et al

ViewRank: 1268
Science 2007 Dec 21;318(5858):1931-4      
Switching from repression to activation: microRNAs can up-regulate translation.


Nettleton JA et al

ViewRank: 1269
Diabetes Care 2009 Apr;32(4):688-94      
Diet soda intake and risk of incident metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes in the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA).


Lombardi VC et al

ViewRank: 1270
Science 2009 Oct 23;326(5952):585-9      
Detection of an infectious retrovirus, XMRV, in blood cells of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.


Fukazawa T et al

ViewRank: 1271
Int J Mol Med 2010 Jan;25(1):3-10      
Adenovirus-mediated cancer gene therapy and virotherapy (Review).


Koldobskiy MA et al

ViewRank: 1272
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2010 Dec 7;107(49):20947-51      
p53-mediated apoptosis requires inositol hexakisphosphate kinase-2.


Yeh HH et al

ViewRank: 1273
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2011 Jan 25;108(4):1603-8      
Molecular imaging of active mutant L858R EGF receptor (EGFR) kinase-expressing nonsmall cell lung carcinomas using PET/CT.


Urban JL et al

ViewRank: 1274
Cell 1989 Oct 20;59(2):257-71      
Autoimmune T cells: immune recognition of normal and variant peptide epitopes and peptide-based therapy.


Bond M et al

ViewRank: 1275
Circ Res 1989 May;64(5):1001-12      
Subcellular calcium content in cardiomyopathic hamster hearts in vivo: an electron probe study.


Hubbell WL and McConnell HM

ViewRank: 1276
J Am Chem Soc 1971 Jan 27;93(2):314-26      
Molecular motion in spin-labeled phospholipids and membranes.


Pedro-Botet J et al

ViewRank: 1277
Atherosclerosis 2001 Sep;158(1):183-93      
Apolipoprotein E genotype affects plasma lipid response to atorvastatin in a gender specific manner.


Le Bars PL et al

ViewRank: 1278
Neuropsychobiology 2002;45(1):19-26      
Influence of the severity of cognitive impairment on the effect of the Gnkgo biloba extract EGb 761 in Alzheimer's disease.


Pomeroy SL et al

ViewRank: 1279
Nature 2002 Jan 24;415(6870):436-42      
Prediction of central nervous system embryonal tumour outcome based on gene expression.


Chan SK and Struhl G

ViewRank: 1280
Cell 2002 Oct 18;111(2):265-80      
Evidence that Armadillo transduces wingless by mediating nuclear export or cytosolic activation of Pangolin.


Zhang Z et al

ViewRank: 1281
Cancer Res 2004 Aug 15;64(16):5882-90      
Three biomarkers identified from serum proteomic analysis for the detection of early stage ovarian cancer.


Langenfeld EM et al

ViewRank: 1282
Mol Cancer Res 2005 Dec;3(12):679-84      
Bone morphogenetic protein-2-induced transformation involves the activation of mammalian target of rapamycin.


Noren NK et al

ViewRank: 1283
Nat Cell Biol 2006 Aug;8(8):815-25      
The EphB4 receptor suppresses breast cancer cell tumorigenicity through an Abl-Crk pathway.


Jin Z et al

ViewRank: 1284
Oncogene 2007 Sep 20;26(43):6332-40      
Hypermethylation of the nel-like 1 gene is a common and early event and is associated with poor prognosis in early-stage esophageal adenocarcinoma.


Rajeshkumar NV et al

ViewRank: 1285
Clin Cancer Res 2009 Jun 15;15(12):4138-46      
Antitumor effects and biomarkers of activity of AZD0530, a Src inhibitor, in pancreatic cancer.


McDaniell R et al

ViewRank: 1286
Science 2010 Apr 9;328(5975):235-9      
Heritable individual-specific and allele-specific chromatin signatures in humans.


Wang J et al

ViewRank: 1287
Biochimie 2010 Jul 27;      
A novel RGD-toxin protein, Lj-RGD3, from the buccal gland secretion of Lampetra japonica impacts diverse biological activities.


Bozic I et al

ViewRank: 1288
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2010 Oct 26;107(43):18545-50      
Accumulation of driver and passenger mutations during tumor progression.


Frelinger JA et al

ViewRank: 1289
J Exp Med 1974 Nov 1;140(5):1273-84      
Evidence for the expression of Ia (H-2-associated) antigens on thymus-derived lymphocytes.


Tracy RB and Lieber MR

ViewRank: 1290
EMBO J 2000 Mar 1;19(5):1055-67      
Transcription-dependent R-loop formation at mammalian class switch sequences.


Polich J and Gloria R

ViewRank: 1291
Hum Psychopharmacol 2001 Jul;16(5):409-416      
Cognitive effects of a Ginkgo biloba/vinpocetine compound in normal adults: systematic assessment of perception, attention and memory.


Lee KM et al

ViewRank: 1292
Biochem Biophys Res Commu 2003 Feb 21;301(4):1038-44      
Immortalization with telomerase of the Nestin-positive cells of the human pancreas.


Edwards A et al

ViewRank: 1293
Mol Cancer Ther 2007 Sep;6(9):2515-24      
Effect of the histone deacetylase inhibitor LBH589 against epidermal growth factor receptor-dependent human lung cancer cells.


Matsushime H et al

ViewRank: 1294
Cell 1991 May 17;65(4):701-13      
Colony-stimulating factor 1 regulates novel cyclins during the G1 phase of the cell cycle.


Lu SL et al

ViewRank: 1295
Nat Genet 1998 May;19(1):17-8      
HNPCC associated with germline mutation in the TGF-beta type II receptor gene.


Aggarwal S et al

ViewRank: 1296
Neoplasia 2000 Jul-Aug;2(4):346-56      
Indomethacin-induced apoptosis in esophageal adenocarcinoma cells involves upregulation of Bax and translocation of mitochondrial cytochrome C independent of COX-2 expression.


Jimeno A et al

ViewRank: 1297
Cancer Res 2008 Apr 15;68(8):2841-9      
Coordinated epidermal growth factor receptor pathway gene overexpression predicts epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitor sensitivity in pancreatic cancer.


Schindler U and Baichwal VR

ViewRank: 1298
Mol Cell Biol 1994 Sep;14(9):5820-31      
Three NF-kappa B binding sites in the human E-selectin gene required for maximal tumor necrosis factor alpha-induced expression.


Forman BM et al

ViewRank: 1299
Cell 1995 Dec 1;83(5):803-12      
15-Deoxy-delta 12, 14-prostaglandin J2 is a ligand for the adipocyte determination factor PPAR gamma.


Miyawaki A et al

ViewRank: 1300
Nature 1997 Aug 28;388(6645):882-7      
Fluorescent indicators for Ca2+ based on green fluorescent proteins and calmodulin.

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